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Participants will explore how a learning management system (LMS) and components of Schoolnet complement each other in an effort to support the teaching and learning cycle. Canvas, a LMS by Instructure, will be used to provide examples. Get ready to network as we reflect upon best practices and discuss tips for optimal use and implementation.

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Taking a step back, the Learning Management System is a piece we all use -- but in this case, it is the LMS that helps use to facilitate a personalized learning environment. The LMS is a holistic umbrella to facilitate digital teaching and learning, and when it is used in combination with Schoolnet, it can be an excellent place to deliver concepts and ideas, complete assessments, disaggregate data, and provide students with a window of transparency into your teaching and their learning process. When the affordances of these technologies are used well, teachers can provide nearly instant, student-specific feedback that allows them to grow in their own individual learning goals.

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In this session, you will
  • define learning management system (LMS)
  • explore components of a learning management system
  • learn how an LMS and components of Schoolnet complement one another and support the teaching and learning cycle

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