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Work your way through the tabs on the student performance page to view reports and analyze data. Reflect on how this information can be used to inform your teaching.

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This session and feature of Schoolnet helps to complete the task of analyzing your learning data post-assessment, and begins the process of forming a plan for action. The next steps after collection are where the Cycle comes full-circle: where you reflect on the results and choose new materials
for instruction based upon what your daya tells you. The Student Performance Module helps you to bring it all back together.

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In this session, you will learn:
  • How to access data and reports in Student Performance (within the Classrooms Module)
  • How to use reports to show trends in student performance
  • Next steps after identifying gaps – materials search based on results,
  • How to create student groups

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The target audience for this session: intermediate Schoolnet users

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Practice 1
  • Log In, Hover over Classrooms and click on Student Performance
  • Look at the tabs we have discussed so far
    • Benchmark Dashboard
      • Select a test and look at reports
    • Classroom Test Dashboard
      • Select a test and look at reports
    • Item Analysis
    • Skills Analysis
    • Standards Mastery
      • Look at standardized test data in this view

Practice 2
  • Add students to a group
  • Run a published Student Analysis Report
    • Look at the students that are included
    • Sort and filter for different information in the report

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  • How can report data impact instruction?
  • What is the purpose of each report? How would you use each one?
  • What kinds of questions could each report answer?
  • Do you have a data protocol in place?

Google doc to capture discussion

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