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Learn what you can do with the data available to you as a teacher right from your home page. View and use the reports provided with one click from the home page. Explore how to use them to impact student learning.

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The home page of Schoolnet provides some very robust data-fueled insights about your students’ understanding of content knowledge, based upon pedagogical effectiveness. This portion of Schoolnet leads us into stage four of the Instructional Improvement Cycle: Analyze the data and reflect on
the results. The tools provided help to make progress toward learning outcomes very transparent.

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In this session, you will learn how the home page gets you to all the data you need/want on a daily basis.

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The target audience for this session: novice Schoolnet users

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Practice 1

  • Select a section
  • Select the Reports button
    • Benchmark Dashboard Tab
    • Drill down into the results
  • Select the Assessments button
    • Choose a different assessment
    • Download a PDF of the test

Practice 2
  • Select a section and a test
    • View results
    • Hover over bar graphs to view details
    • View the following reports
      • Standards Mastery
      • Skills Analysis
      • Item Analysis

Practice 3
  • Select a class
  • Drill down to a single student

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  • What information do you see about the students in terms of strong and weak standards?
  • How could you use this information in your classroom to improve your instruction and improve student outcomes?

Google doc to capture discussion

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