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Learn about options for teacher to create student analysis reports. This is for advanced users who want to take the next steps in looking at student data available based on assessment results within Schoolnet.

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Arguably the most pivotal point of the Instructional Improvement Cycle is determining what to do with the data you analyze as you enter into reflection. The reports in Schoolnet help you do this by providing you with tools to disaggregate your data and create reports that are specific to your
needs. This session is designed to help you navigate the final stage of Instructional Improvement.

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Use Schoolnet Data to Drive Instruction:
  • Explore types of reporting in Schoolnet
  • Use these reports to:
    • Identify gaps & explore next steps
      • Materials search based on results
      • Student groups
    • Show student growth – Trends

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The target audience for this session: advanced Schoolnet users

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  • Run a Standards Mastery report
    • Find low performing students on a standard from on one benchmark and put them in a student group for targeted instruction
    • Find your section’s lowest standard using the Section Average option and schedule coverage next Tuesday
    • Run the report by Trends
      • Bring in 3 benchmarks. Is the class improving?

  • Run an Item Analysis report
    • by Standards Performance
      • Find the “low performing students”
    • By Percent Correct
      • Find the poorest performing item
      • Sort by student response
      • What is the most common response?
      • Look at the item
      • Is it a bad item? If not, what are some strategies to reteach?

  • Run a student Analysis report that has been published for you to use
  • Create your own student analysis report with 3 columns
    • Select “Go to Spreadsheet” to view report
    • Export your report

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