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Join this session to learn how to create additional types of assessment items which include gridded, open response, inline response, and matching. Take your assessments to the next level by creating rubrics and unique passages for your students.

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Utilizing different methods for assessing students can be a beneficial experience for teachers, students, and parents alike. Not only can it lead to rich data, but it is also an effective means for ensuring that each student demonstrates mastery in a manner that suits their learning style best.

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In this session you will learn to:
  • Create Assessment Items
    • Gridded
    • Open Response
    • Inline Response
    • Matching
  • Create Passages
    • Create multiple items for one passage
  • Create Rubrics

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The target audience for this session: intermediate Schoolnet users

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Practice 1
  • Create an item of each type discussed
    • Gridded
    • Open Response
    • Inline Response
    • Matching
  • Discuss the uses of each item type

Practice 2
  • Create a passage with an open response item
  • Create at least one item of another type and link it to the same passage
  • Create a rubric and add it to your open response item

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  • What types of items do you use in your classroom?
  • How can a variety of item types be used to allow students multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery?

Google doc to capture discussion

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