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Do you already administer tests to your students using Schoolnet? Dig deeper into assessments by creating express tests and manual tests. You will also look at the scheduling/assigning options for assessments.

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The Implementation stage of the Instructional
Improvement Cycle is actively at work in this part of the Assessments module of Schoolnet. When you assign and give these assessments, which have been vetted extensively, you will be stepping into stage three of the cycle: collecting data on the implementation
of your strategy.

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In this session, you will learn to:
  • Create Tests
    • Create an Express Test
    • Create a Test Manually
  • Schedule Assessments
    • Quick Assignment
    • Edit Assignment
      • Section
      • Individual Student

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The target audience for this session: intermediate Schoolnet users

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Practice 1
  • Create an Express Test
  • Create a Test Manually
  • Preview the Online Test

Practice 2
  • Locate your draft test
  • Preview the online test
  • Schedule the test

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  • What are the differences in Create an Express Test and Create a Test Manually?
  • What are the different ways to assign tests?
  • How have you created and assigned tests in your classroom?

Google doc to capture discussion

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