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Are you new to teaching? A teacher new to Schoolnet? This session is for you. The presentation will introduce the Classrooms Module of Schoolnet, including instructional materials, information about the types of materials as well as how to create and assign materials.

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In the first stage of the Instructional Improvement Cycle, figuring out what strategies to use is key to success in the subsequent stages of the cycle. Schoolnet provides resources in its classrooms module that have been vetted by teachers across the state and nationally for their effectiveness.
What better way to start off on the right foot toward improving your pedagogy and learning process?

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In this session, we will learn how to:
  • Search for instructional materials
  • Create instructional materials
  • Create lesson plans
  • Assign resources to students

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The target audience for this session: novice Schoolnet users

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Practice 1

  • Locate a lesson and a resource
  • Save a lesson and a resource to My Materials

Practice 2

  • Create a lesson with an attached resource
  • Copy an existing lesson and edit that lesson

Practice 3

  • Search for a resource by Standard
  • Assign a resource to a section from the above standards search listing

  • What are the two ways a material gets to My Materials?
  • What materials are available for the subjects you teach?

  • What did you learn about instructional materials in the IIS?
  • How can you use the options available to create and share lesson plans with other teachers in NC?

Google Doc to capture discussion

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