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Action Research: A Springboard to Instructional Improvement

In this session, administrators will learn how to utilize the Action Research Module in Home Base Professional Development with their staff and Professional Learning Communities. Action research projects can be utilized as an instructional improvement tool to find data-based solutions for pressing and persistent problems of practice within a school. Action research project findings from select Governor's Teacher Network (GTN) projects from will be shared including implementation strategies. Administrators will also access all available GTN action research projects as a resource for finding practical solutions for similar problems.

Give me an L, Give me an M, Give me an S! Using your LMS and Schoolnet.

In this session, participants will explore how a learning management system (LMS) and components of Schoolnet complement each other in an effort to support the teaching and learning cycle. Canvas, a LMS by Instructure, will be used to provide examples. Come explore and network with us in this interactive session as we reflect upon best practices and discuss tips for optimal use and implementation.

The NC Educator Evaluation System: Putting the Pieces Together

This session will address best practices for using the teacher evaluation process to support teacher learning and growth. Participants will analyze the teacher evaluation rubric, learn about Standard 6, and explore the NC Professional Development System to review the list of online learning modules which are aligned to the NC teaching standards for continuous educator growth. In addition to supporting teacher improvement, this session will be a rich opportunity to learn more about the standards and how to use the online facilitator’s guide to improve instruction in your school.

Powerschool: Business Cycle Processes

This session will provide an overview of major business processes throughout the school year including state reporting, scheduling, regional meetings and representational meetings (UAB/CCB), and third party software usage. It is intended to expose school-based administrators to the PowerSchool processes that support school operations.

PowerSchool for Administrators

This session will provide demonstrations of key features in PowerSchool for administrative users including PowerTeacher Administrator, Quick Lookup, Graduation Plans & Endorsements and the State Reporting Dashboard.

Schoolnet: Assessment Admin Module

What can you do with the assessment tools other than a district benchmark? In this session you will become familiar with other test categories and the creation options for your teachers and staff in utilizing all that the assessment admin tool has to offer. You can also discuss with your peers how to use assessments to improve instruction at the school level.

Schoolnet: Classrooms Module

Do you know what tools are available in the Classrooms Module? In this session, you will explore the options available to you and your teachers and discuss how you might use these tools to improve teaching and learning.

Schoolnet: School and District Data I

Do you know how to access teacher and section data right from your home page? In this session you will explore the quickest options to view data and get an introduction to using pre-formatted reports. You will also discuss with your peers how data is used for decision making in your school.

Schoolnet: School and District Data II

As a school leader you can create and publish reports for your teachers. In this session, you will explore custom reports and how to save and publish those reports. The student analysis report will be a focus in discussion for how your teachers can access and use data to show effectiveness.