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Learn about the newest addition to Schoolnet. Student Workspaces gives teachers and students flexible workspaces (portfolios) to upload authentic work artifacts for teacher collaboration and review.

Why use Student Workspaces?

  • For classroom projects or for portfolios that stay with the student over time.
  • Student-created portfolios can be used to demonstrate a student's work, aptitude, experience, or growth in one or more of the student’s classes.
  • Teachers assign students the task of creating end-of-term portfolios to showcase exemplary work across classes.
  • Students add text and attach rich media to these portfolios to showcase their best work.
  • Portfolios stay with the students from one school year to the next so that the students’ new teachers can benefit from viewing a showcase of the students’ work.

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Collaboration is a teaching and learning strategy that is simple to implement, but difficult to measure. Schoolnet’s Student Workspaces feature makes measuring collaboration easier, especially as we get further into the Instructional Improvement Cycle and begin to gather data on Instructional Effectiveness.

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Understand the student capabilities to:
  • Create a new portfolio
  • Add and edit content
  • Make and view comments

Understand the teacher capabilities to:
  • Locate individual student workspaces
  • Create portfolios/workspaces
  • View and manage content
  • Add and view comments to student workspaces

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The target audience for this session: novice Schoolnet users

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Practice 1
  • Log in as a student
  • Navigate to Workspaces (Launch)
  • Create a new portfolio
    • Link the portfolio to Honors English I- yearlong
  • Upload work items (at least 2)

Practice 2
  • Make a comment on one of your portfolios for your teacher to respond to.

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  • How do you see yourself using this tool in your classroom?
  • How could this hold your students accountable for their work?

Google doc to capture discussion

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