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Go further in the Classrooms module. Explore how the material creation and approval process works. Learn how to share materials across your school, district, and state.

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As you’ve learned in this session, the materials in Schoolnet are a part of a bigger pedagogical picture. There are a lot of “cogs” that keep the instructional process moving smoothly. Making thoughtful, purposeful decisions about how to scaffold resources helps the implementation stage of the Instructional Improvement Cycle to be much more successful.

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In this session you will learn:
  • The structure of instructional materials in Schoolnet
  • How to create an instructional unit
  • How to promote materials
  • About the materials promotion and approval process

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The target audience for this session: intermediate Schoolnet users

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Practice 1
  • Create a lesson plan and attach/link a resource that is already available within the system
    • Naming convention – MM/DD/YYYY-lesson-initials
    • Ex: 07/14/2015-lesson-KS
  • Submit your lesson plan to the School Bank for approval

Practice 2
  • The lesson plans and resources that you created were just used to create an instructional unit
    • Find the unit that we just created
    • Save the unit to My Materials
    • Schedule the unit to your lesson planner

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  • In your classroom how would you create lessons and resources and group them together as an instructional unit?

  • At your school, do you have a process in place for submitting and approving instructional materials in the IIS?
    • If so, what is it?
    • If not, what are some ideas?

Google Doc to capture discussion

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