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This session will create advanced item types such as hot spot, drag and drop and click stick click drop. You will discover the possibilities of using the task items as well as the new functionality of co-authoring and restricted content.

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As we begin to use technologically-driven assessment tools such as the portfolios in the Student Workspaces feature, there is a lot of thinking to be done about how we approach grading and assessment on a pedagogical level. Imagine what potential this has for redefining assessment and the means by which students demonstrate mastery! If we use the Instructional Improvement Cycle and tools like Schoolnet effectively, the data we analyze at the end of the cycle will eventually tell us which methods of assessment are most effective. It’s a moonshot, but for your students’ benefit: are you up to the challenge?

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In this session, you will learn to
  • Create Tech Enhanced Assessment Items
    • Hot Spot – Single Selection
    • Hot Spot – Multiple Selection
    • Drag and Drop
    • Click Stick Click Drop
  • Create a Task
  • Co-Authoring Items, Passages, Rubrics and Assessments
  • Understand restricted content

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The target audience for this session: advanced Schoolnet users

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  • Create an item of each type discussed
    • Hot Spot – Single and Multiple Select
    • Drag and Drop
    • Click Stick Click Drop
  • Create a Task (we will do this together)
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each type

  • Create a test/item/passage/rubric and enable co-authoring
    • Choose the following users to co-author:
      • Teacher 9145
      • Teacher 1067

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  • How could you use co-authoring in your school?

  • What other ways can you use the assessment admin tools in your classrooms?
  • What new features have you learned about today that you can go back and share with others in your school?
  • What are some best practices of creating assessments in a way that will promote instructional improvement?

Google doc to capture discussion

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