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Join us for a guide to assessments. During this session we will discover how to create items and express tests in the Schoolnet. You will explore scheduling a test and how students interact with a test. Learn how to use information from your test to improve instruction!

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Schoolnet is a technology, but its assessment feature is just one (vital!) element of the greater cycle of instruction. How can Schoolnet redefine (and improve?) the means by which we gather data on Instructional Effectiveness? That is a question that an effective, reflective practitioner should be thinking about as we assess the relevance of the assessment tools in Schoolnet.

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In this session, you will learn about the basics of Schoolnet assessments.
  • to create an item
  • to search Item Central
  • to create a test
  • to schedule a test
  • a student will take a test
  • to use the Proctor Dashboard

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The target audience for this session: novice Schoolnet users

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  • Create a Multiple Choice or True/False item
  • Use training database student login and take a test.

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  • What did you learn about the assessment admin module that you did not know before this session?
  • How have you used classroom assessments in the IIS to improve instruction and learning in your classroom?

Google doc to capture discussion

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