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In this session, administrators will learn how to utilize the Action Research Module in Home Base Professional Development with their staff and Professional Learning Communities. Action research projects can be utilized as an instructional improvement tool to find data-based solutions for pressing and persistent problems of practice within a school. Action research project findings from select Governor's Teacher Network (GTN) projects from will be shared including implementation strategies. Administrators will also access all available GTN action research projects as a resource for finding practical solutions for similar problems.

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Engaging students in Action Research is a hallmark opportunity to facilitate student autonomy and community involvement. The Action Research process fits itself well into the early stages of the Instructional Improvement Cycle -- particularly, the Implementation phase. Should students be held accountable by their teachers on a level where they are permitted choice in the questions that they strive to answer through the Action Research process, the classroom then becomes a breeding ground for Moonshot Thinking.

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Participants will:
  • Gain an understanding of Action Research
  • Explore the effectiveness of Action Research as a tool for instructional improvement
  • See a demonstration of the Action Research Professional Development (PD) Module in Home Base
  • Plan for implementation at your school site

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  • Discuss how you can implement action research at your site
  • Reflect on champions in your school who might be interested in leading the improvement through action research.
  • How can you connect action research to structures already in place?
  • Reflect on barriers you might encounter.

Google doc to capture discussion

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Link: NCEES - Action Research

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